What is a Brand Sprint? How to Use Brand Sprints to Develop Your Brand

If there’s one thing that’s become clear from years of mentoring at 500 Startups, it’s that your story matters. A lot.

Your story and your brand are what users connect with. It’s the big, giant sign posted outside telling them “this is the place for you.” But maybe even more importantly, it’s your own North Star. Your story reminds you of your mission as a company. It gives you clarity, confidence, and creativity. It’s what compels you to wake up every morning excited to forge ahead. (more…)

The Sprint Secret That Launched Harry Potter

Harry Potter owes its first publishing to an 8-year-old. Nigel Newton, CEO of bloomsbury publishing, didn’t read through the first manuscript of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone himself. He brought it home and gave it to his 8-year-old daughter, Alice, to read. She read the first chapter and came away glowing. (more…)

The Definitive Guide to Pitching Design Sprints Internally to Your Team Leaders

Let’s cut to the chase. Selling a design sprint internally is always going to be a little difficult. You’re asking to take a week of your teammates’ and decision maker’s time. And it’s more than likely you’re going to get some major pushback.

But spending 5 days or less on a design sprint can save you months of time. Sprints get rid of all the misalignment and messiness that comes from projects that drag on and on and on. (more…)