Why You Need to Focus on More Than Speed to Get Results

If you’re feeling burnt out by your team’s lack of progress, you’re not alone. We know from our own experience how frustrating it can be to feel stuck in one of two worlds:

  • Struggling to gain speed with slow decision making or productivity
  • Trying to stay focused when everything is a priority

Whether you experience one or both of these issues, they can block you and your team from high performance.


The Best Way to Build an Effective Product Roadmap

When working with clients, one topic that comes up frequently is product roadmaps. As a product manager at LinkedIn and director of product at Degreed, I kept the best practices and tips based on what worked for me and the hard lessons I learned.

But people rarely ask, “How do I build a product roadmap?”

Instead, I hear questions like:

  • How do I move this project forward?
  • How do I get everyone on the same page?
  • How do we get the team moving quickly?

The answers to these questions start with building an effective product roadmap.


What is a Brand Sprint? How to Use Brand Sprints to Develop Your Brand

If there’s one thing that’s become clear from years of mentoring at 500 Startups, it’s that your story matters. A lot.

Your story and your brand are what users connect with. It’s the big, giant sign posted outside telling them “this is the place for you.” But maybe even more importantly, it’s your own North Star. Your story reminds you of your mission as a company. It gives you clarity, confidence, and creativity. It’s what compels you to wake up every morning excited to forge ahead. (more…)