How My 9-Year-Old Daughter Prototyped a Food Truck Concept

Have you ever had an idea that you just keep thinking about? Something that should exist in the world? Ever since living in Thailand, one of those ideas for me is a Bangkok street food experience created as a Thai restaurant.

Whatever your idea is, knowing how to move forward can be tricky. Many people, including myself, often end up choosing to do nothing. (more…)

The Definitive Guide to Pitching Design Sprints Internally to Your Team Leaders

Let’s cut to the chase. Selling a design sprint internally is always going to be a little difficult. You’re asking to take a week of your teammates’ and decision maker’s time. And it’s more than likely you’re going to get some major pushback.

But spending 5 days or less on a design sprint can save you months of time. Sprints get rid of all the misalignment and messiness that comes from projects that drag on and on and on. (more…)

The Art and Science of Good Decision Making (and What to Do When You’re Stuck in Decision Deadlock)

There’s no denying great things happen when you put smart people in a room together. But there’s also a major downside to working as a team: the dreaded decision deadlock.

Smart people have opinions. And they don’t always line up. But to keep your company moving smoothly, you need to have a decision making process in place for when things grind to a halt. (more…)