5-Step New Product Development Process You Can Execute in the Next 30 Days

There are few things more exciting than developing a new product (and launching it). After toiling for ages behind the scenes, throwing back the curtains and showing off your hard work to the world is an incredible feeling. Until it’s not. (more…)

9 Lessons Product Teams Can Learn from Formula 1 Pit Stops

Want your product teams to function with the focus of Formula 1 pit crews? It’s magical when you stop wasted time, avoid wasted decisions, and perform at elite levels as a product team.

First, here’s what a great F1 pit stop looks like (23 people changing 4 tires in 2 seconds) (more…)

10 Design Sprints (and the Process) That Launched These Multi-Million Dollar Products

What do Facebook, Apple, Google, and Coca-Cola all have in common? Besides being some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies, they’ve also put some terrible, terrible products to market. (And this is coming from me, a former Googler. I still got love for Google though.) (more…)